Everyday Narcissism

Everyday narcissism, or EN, is a common, garden-variety form of narcissism that most of us share. It’s a belief in the myth that we have the power to control how other people feel and act—and that other people have the power to control how we feel and act. This false belief limits our choices, gets in the way of our happiness, and makes our life smaller.

Nancy teaches an interactive, step-by-step program for recognizing everyday narcissism in ourselves and others; healing our own EN; and creating greater happiness, more fulfilling relationships, and a happier, more meaningful life.

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To listen to Nancy’s 8/30/17 interview on The Kathryn Zox Show, on the Voice America network (running time: 24 minutes), CLICK HERE. Nancy’s interview begins at 31:26.

To listen to Nancy’s 10/23/17 interview on the program Answers for the Family, on LA Talk Radio (running time: 43 minutes),CLICK HERE. Nancy’s interview begins at 7:56.