During her 30 years of counseling, Nancy has worked with clients facing a wide variety of issues and challenges. In addition, she has made presentations on relationships and communications to audiences throughout the Midwest.

Here is a sampling of client and attendee comments:

“No one could ask for a better guide on the path of life than Nancy. Whether the issue is dealing with a spouse, children, co-workers, the rude driver in the next lane, or all of the above, Nancy provides her clients with the tools necessary to assess and address the relationship in a healthier way.

Personally, Nancy has been invaluable in helping me through the end of my 18-year marriage and in leading me through the self-examination and discovery necessary to address my life-long issues of co-dependency. To each counseling session, Nancy brings a special blend of knowledge, wisdom, caring, spirituality and humor that all serve to make her advice most beneficial and practical.” – Tom L.

“I began counseling with Nancy Van Dyken about 6 months ago. I walked into her office very beaten down, having been in a verbally abusive relationship for 12 years. I was physically and mentally exhausted, barely making it through the day. I felt as though I was walking through the dark, lost.

With her guidance and support, I was able to shed the cloak of darkness those years of abuse had put on me and walk into the light. Through Nancy I found strength and self-esteem that I thought was lost years ago. Through my therapy, I found the path to self-esteem, strength, and mental well being….I found the path back to my true self…a gift I will always be so grateful for.

With Nancy’s guidance, I have been given the tools and a choice to leave the abuse. I am no longer living with abuse. I am free. Thank you, Nancy.” -Kerry F.

“As a therapist, Nancy does not let you hide from yourself or be afraid to deal with your issues—and we all have issues. That is the only way to heal, and Nancy is masterful at helping people heal.

Nancy’s wisdom and knowledge come not only through book learning, but more importantly, from having been there and done that herself with many issues.

During our marriage counseling, Nancy helped us walk through 25 years of marital struggle and brokenness and see the core issues. It wasn’t and isn’t always easy, but we have never better understood ourselves and our relationship.” -Jane T.

“I have been in counseling with Nancy for about 10 years. Sometimes very frequently, other times not so often, it just depends on where I am at the time. Nancy has helped me through many ups and downs in life.

I give her credit for helping me figure out how to be in a healthy relationship with my husband of 7 years. I struggle with depression, and tend to back off whenever there is a faint glimpse of conflict. During therapy with Nancy, I have become less afraid of conflict; she has helped me learn to confront issues in an honest, caring and truth-seeking manner. I have learned to “speak my truth” without hurting another person in the process.

Nancy has definitely helped me become a much better person, and see myself and others honestly. Many times when I think I have an answer but am not sure, Nancy gives me the added confidence I am lacking. When I am worried about something in the future, she reminds me to “not write stories” but stay in the current time and place. She is a joy to work with, even when she gives me ‘homework’ that I don’t like. I appreciate her humor, love of animals, knowledge, honesty and spirituality.” -Karen J.

“I have been privileged to be a client of Nancy’s for several years… Nancy has the experience to give one the tools to overcome life’s challenges. Counseling sessions with Nancy led me down a path of discovery of who I am. Growing up in an alcoholic home and later, in a dysfunctional marriage, I had lost myself.

Counseling with Nancy has helped me to grow and learn how my circumstances impacted me, and then to take responsibility for my personal growth.

For me, being in therapy with Nancy has been a peaceful but challenging journey. The commitment is well worth it. I have been so privileged to work with a therapist that is invested in teaching me how to have a life rich with meaning, security, and love.” -Lisa H.

“During the time I’ve seen Nancy for career coaching, she has taught me the tools necessary to make major improvements in accomplishing my career goals. My ambitious career plans to become an entrepreneur had never become a reality because they seemed overwhelming, and at times, impossible.

Counseling sessions with Nancy have helped me to find the inner strength to determine my career and personal goals, prioritizing them and accomplishing them while continuing to maintain a balanced lifestyle.” -David B.

Workshop and Presentation Testimonials